Different Types of Infidelity

There are various categories of infidelity. This includes cheating spouses, sexual unfaithfulness, adultery, pornography, and cheating through the Internet.

It is a betrayal of trust by either one of the spouses or both by entering into a relationship with another party. Relationships are governed by personal beliefs, cultures and religion. Notwithstanding these differences, the bottom line for couples is to stick to what is up to standard and avoid destroying the trust that makes any relationship sacred.

Infidelity in Marriage

Unfortunately, infidelity in marriage cannot be avoided. This is a temptation that some couples fail to fight and cause problems to the relationship. It is often described as the most common type of disloyalty to one’s partner. It applies to legally married couples. No adultery is made if one of the parties mixed up in this dishonest bond is not married. Nonetheless, this is not a justification to commit infidelity. The act of adultery has varying repercussions in terms of religion, legality and mores. It is even considered a criminal act in certain countries and carries either serious or minor penalties.

In societies where this is not deemed a crime, the frequent outcome is divorce.

Sexual Infidelity

On the other hand, sexual infidelity is a one-time sexual tryst or (one-night stand) that takes place between two persons. Both or one of them may be married. The relationship is more for sex instead of a long-term emotional attachment. This happens more often to males than females particularly at young ages. However, it can also happen to older couples especially when the emotional bond between spouses is relatively weak. One of the possible reasons for infidelity is when the relationship becomes lackluster for one or both of the spouses leading to unmet sexual desires and forbidden relations.

Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity occurs when an individual develops intense emotional affection for another person who is not his or her spouse. This is often called an affair of the heart not necessarily involving sex. Yet, this can be more detrimental compared to sexual associations since these tend to last longer and grow stronger as the years go on. Compared to the previous case, this happens more often to women when the spouse becomes indifferent.


Pornography is fairly easy to commit but happens instantaneously and does not last long. This has become more ongoing due to the emergence of the Internet. It may even be treated as normal reactions by some people although the more morally upright think of this as an infringement of trust and a case of cheating. It is up to couples in establishing a standard and rules for them to follow regarding pornography.

Online Infidelity

The last is online infidelity which occurs between two people over the web. This takes place in chat rooms using web cam devices, email messages and private messaging. A lot of people commit this act because it is discreet and more of sexual flirting. No deep attachment takes place after the online rendezvous between the two persons. Cases of sexual and emotive infidelity do not necessarily take place after the online meeting.