Should Your Cheating Spouse Get a Second Chance?

The only person who can determine whether it is right to give your cheating spouse another chance is you.

A happy marriage can be compromised by cheaters and liars. It can happen even if the bond between two spouses is said to be very strong. Certain couples are able to recover from this terrible experience and keep the bond intact. Regrettably, some people are not as successful and the marriage ends up in a divorce. The key is to be prepared and have a ready solution in case of any eventuality. Partners must trust each other in any form of affectionate relationship but if one has an affair, this trust goes down the drain. All of a sudden, you are faced with the reality that your loving husband or wife is not as trustworthy.

The vital question is – should cheating spouses be given another chance? Majority of couples will surely want to save their marriage no matter how difficult it is especially for the offended party. The issue at hand is that the trust is hard to rebuild after an illegitimate affair. Although both the offender and the aggrieved may be willing to try again, the actual rebuilding entails a lot of work. More than this, lost trust is almost impossible to regain. Forgiveness is one thing, forgetting the traumatic incident is another matter. Nonetheless, you may still be decided to give your cheating spouse another chance.

Starting Over After Infidelity

It is possible for you to formulate an agreement. Fix a specific duration during which you make a solemn vow not to leave each other and promise to work hard in re-establishing the relationship. The cheating partner should keep away from the situation which brought about the unfortunate affair. Your partner must shun the person with whom he or she has had a tryst completely. This agreement can even come in the form of a written document.

The apology made by the wrongdoer should be totally sincere. It is a genuine and earnest act of contrition taking full responsibility for his or her deeds. Acceptance of this apology will depend on whether this was a one-night stand or a recurring case of infidelity. Continue communicating with your partner. You may not believe the reasons or justification but maintain objectivity in listening to his or her side. You can always survive infidelity. Just do not blame yourself for what happened. Your self-respect does not depend on the behavior of your erring partner. Instead, you can be a part of the solution to transform the relationship but you are not the reason for this treachery. Show your fury in a positive manner. Talking to trusted friends and family members regarding what happened can also be useful in taking away the hurt feelings.

Take note of the positive aspects of your relationship in the past and all the good memories that brought you together. You may be in terrible pain because of the cheating but if you think positive, there is a chance to start all over again. Opt for professional help possibly from a therapist or counselor if it is too much to bear. You may, after all, be strong enough to give your relationship another chance.