Signs Your Partner is Cheating

While not definitive, there are a few behavioral patterns that are common indicators of cheating partners. If you suspect that your mate is unfaithful, watch out for some of these signs.

Ever felt like your partner is cheating on you but you are not quite sure if he or she really is? Are you losing sleep because you lie in bed at night wondering if he or she is really being unfaithful to you? Well, you can stop right there and learn how to differentiate between paranoid insecurity and gut feeling or intuition. You should once and for all clear your doubts and find out if what you’re feeling is true. Take a look at some of the signs that would confirm if you are just being paranoid or if your intuition is correct.

How to Tell If Your Spouse is Having an Affair

Working Late – If your partner suddenly shows a change in their routine pattern, there is something to worry about. If your partner has started staying late at work or started frequently going away for conferences which are so sudden, then there is definitely a need to find out if there has been some real changes in their job profile which would confirm the change in their regular work schedule and habits. If there were no changes at all, this is a clear sign of concern. Remember that people also distance themselves from their partners and divert their attention to work if they feel that the relationship is no longer what it used to be for them.

Changed Behavior – Showing signs of being forgetful and not paying attention to what you’re saying could also be a sign that your partner is cheating. At first, your partner could suddenly grow attentive and appear more caring to you in order to appease the guilt that they are feeling. But in the later stages, your partner may try to find fault in everything that you do in order to justify the cheating. There are also chances of them playing a reverse-psychology game and your partner will try to turn the blame towards you, accusing you of being the first one to cheat. Your partner could also turn the question back at you when you ask a confronting question, making you feel bad about what you did. Do not fall for these tricks and gather proof for the next confrontation.

Changed Sex Life – This is a red alert for a cheating partner. Sex is very important in a relationship especially for married couples. If your partner suddenly shows less interest in getting intimate with you compared to how it was before, then this should already tell you something. You can definitely tell if your partner is really tired from work, being the only excuse they can use, or if they just want to avoid being intimate.

But also know that there could be a reverse side to it. Your partner could suddenly be more aggressive in bed or would suddenly suggest trying out new things that you both never did before. A completely different personality may come out of your partner which was never visible before. These things could be an attempt to make the sex more interesting or it could also mean that your partner was exposed to such things with someone else.