Why do People Cheat?

Infidelity is difficult to explain or understand. Each affair is different from the other, and there are various reasons why people cheat on their mates.

Over the years, infidelity or extramarital affairs have been studied because most people want to know the reason why people cheat. Generally, when it comes to infidelity, there are two related explanations that have been told.

Cheating to Find an Emotional Connection

The first explanation could be the most well-known reason why people cheat. Spouses cheat because there are problems in the relationship. Something is missing, the excitement has faded, the partner feels lonely, they found someone who cares for them better or somebody appreciates their presence and love more, and many others. To put it in simple terms, people say that they are no longer happy in the current relationship anymore, that’s why they look for that happiness, love and affection from somebody else. This reason, if you think about it, shows the insecurities that the cheating party feels that lead them to want to find the security that they want and need.
The second explanation is more thorough in nature and focuses more on why it is so difficult for many people to remain faithful to their spouse. This particular reason looks deeper into the human nature and is kind of situational depending on the person answering the question.

Probably, the best way to interpret these two explanations is to remember that there will always be two sides to consider. The first explanation refers to what people think and say about infidelity while the second explanation refers to how and why it actually happens in a relationship.

The possibility of someone cheating during the course of a relationship varies between 40% and 76%. These numbers show that even if people get married with good intentions at the beginning, certain things do not turn out the way they had planned.

Cheating to Experience Thrill

When a person falls in love with someone, your body releases certain chemicals and this gives them the feeling of pleasure, joy and excitement. As time goes on these chemicals fade and the feeling of love will now only be felt through intimacy and closeness.
When a man or woman meets another woman or man aside from his wife or husband and finds him or her attractive, the chemicals that were released when he or she fell in love with his or her wife or husband are once again felt whether he or she is a cheater or not. When this happens, the cheater will most probably go for the new relationship while the honest will try to avoid giving in to the feeling and will turn the other way.

The cheaters will then claim things such as the experience of feeling something new when they see the other person and since the feeling is so different when they are with their spouses, they feel more motivated when they see the other person compared to when they see their spouse. They will come up with all the reasons to explain why they went for the extra marital affair.

Cheaters will soon realize that the chemicals giving them the feeling of excitement and happiness towards the new person is once again gone. If they continue seeking the same feeling, they will sooner or later find themselves hopping from one affair to the next.